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The Frontal Lobe- The Boss of the Body

The frontal lobe of the brain is the supervisor of the brain. It is in control. Almost all brain function is fired forward for processing by the frontal lobe. Without proper frontal lobe function, good health is very difficult, if not impossible to come by. Without a boss in a large company, the workers would […]

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Insomnia: Sleep is a vital ingredient to wellness

Sleep is a huge part of health. Quality sleep is a must for optimal health. Insomnia is lack of sleep. To have insomnia is to feel that you are walking around in a daze, not fully awake at times. The CDC reported that one third of our population gets less than 7 hours of sleep […]

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Anxiety can be a debilitating issue. The US National Institute of Mental Health report almost 1/5 of ¬†people have an anxiety disorder. Anxiety can include panic disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, PTSD, generalized panic disorder, and phobias. Many of the patients we help have high levels of anxiety. We help people dealing with anxiety with neurofeedback […]

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