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What does clumsy movement mean?

We see all types of patients in our clinics. We focus on helping those with chronic health conditions. We see many kids with ADHD, learning problems, autism, anxiety, depression and post concussion symptoms. We see adults with focus/attention issues, emotional control issues, chronic pain, addiction, insomnia and movement disorders. One very interesting factor that we […]

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Memory Management- A New Way of Thinking

We must protect our memory. Memory is one of our greatest assets. Thankfully we are beginning to learn how. Proper brain activation, low inflammatory levels, nutrition and gut health are showing to help a lot in the prevention of memory problems. It is very important to recognize that lifestyle factors, even when we are young, […]

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ADD- Not all types created equal

Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD comes in many forms. For many years, healthcare providers believed there was just one type of ADD. I noticed almost a decade ago that the kids and adults with ADD had very different symptoms and very different brain map findings. Our ADD practice grew very quickly and we started identifying […]

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