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Ways To Battle Brain Fog

What is brain fog? In children, brain fog is associate with zoning out. We commonly see this in ADHD and autism cases. In adults, brain fog often take the form of having difficulty engaging in cognition, learning or memory. Examples of this include: forgetting names/dates/events, hearing someone speak but not understanding, difficulty staying on task, […]

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What Hurts Our Brain- 7 Things To Watch Out For

Neurobehavioral disorders and neurodegenerative disorders are out of control. Greater than 1/10 boys are diagnosed with attention deficit disorder. Anxiety and depression are been seen in children as young as 4. Many people are having extreme problems with executive function, which includes learning, communication, cognition, memory and organization skills. Here is a list of 7 […]

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Balancing the Brain: Getting to the cause of the problem

Neurobehavioral disorders have exploded in this generation. ADHD is diagnosed in a significant portion of school aged children. It is estimated that 11% of school aged children are dealing with ADHD. Autism has become commonplace. The CDC reports autism occurs in 1/68 children. We are seeing many cases of anxiety and depression in kids as […]

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Whats wrong with gluten?

Gluten is a part of wheat. The wheat most of us grew up with is not the wheat that we have today. It took me many years of denying the research, the symptoms and the people that dealt with health problems due to gluten. Once I understood that the gluten of our country has been […]

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