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Neurofeedback and the American Academy of Pediatrics

Neurofeedback is a computerized workout for the brain. The purpose is to strengthen the brain
by balancing the electrical activity. Brain waves have long been associated with the function of
the brain. The brain is much like a muscle in that it can be trained. We have trained brains for
almost a decade with great success. Our success […]

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The Importance of Fish Oil

What we put into our body on a regular basis matters. For so many years people were afraid of
fat in the diet. Low fat diets became the rage. We now know that fat is a very important part of
optimal health. Healthy fats are very important for many functions of the body. One of the best
fats […]

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Neurofeedback and Addiction Research

We have worked with many people over the last decade dealing with neurobehavioral
challenges. One of my favorite groups to work with is those dealing with addiction.
Neurofeedback has been a very effective tool in helping those dealing with this problem. Check
out the research regarding neurofeedback and addiction.
1. The Kaiser and Scott Research Group (often called The […]

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Signs Of A Weak Frontal Lobe

Brain health has come to the forefront of the news in the last decade. Major progress has
occurred in what we know about the brain. We know that maintaining fuel delivery, battling
chronic inflammation and maximizing proper activation can help manage and possible prevent
many of the neurobehavioral and neurodegenerative disorders. Brain research pioneer Daniel
Amen wrote “Close to […]

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ADHD Research- Part 3

Here’s more research behind the use of neurofeedback with ADHD. So many people were
excited about the first two blogs on this subject, I thought I should write a third. We have used
neurofeedback with ADD and ADHD for almost a decade with great success. Targeted
management of the problem is possible with brain mapping and neurofeedback. Strengthening
and […]

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You Cannot Spank Away ADD

ADD or attention deficit disorder is real. Families and individuals all over the country are facing
significant difficulties from this health challenge. The inability to focus or stay on task can
overwhelm a person. In many cases of ADD, the harder the person tries to focus, the worse
they do. It is believes that over 10% or school […]

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