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The Ways We Ruin Our Body

Our physical body is a machine. An advanced, incredible machine, but still at machine. It
matters what we do to it and what we put into it on a regular basis. If we take care of our
machine, it will take care of us as we age. Health and wellness must be a priority. Nutrition,
exercise, inflammation and […]

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The Risks of ADHD Medications

Before any patient takes a medication, a doctor is supposed to tell them the possible side
effects of the drug and help the patient way the cost versus the benefit. That is rarely, if ever,
happening today in the world of ADHD. Most of the patients we see who are dealing with ADHD
symptoms and are on ADHD […]

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The MTA Study: A Huge Event In The ADHD World

ADD or attention deficit disorder is growing at an enormous pace. It is believed that over 10%
of school aged boys may have ADD (attention deficit disorder) or ADHD (attention deficit
hyperactivity disorder). It is also believed that up to another 10-20% of school aged children
may have ADD symptoms that come and go, without having a full […]

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