Understand ADD/ADHD 

Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder may very well be the most misunderstood neurobehavioral disorder in our country.ADD/ADHD Treatment Atlanta, ADD Treatment Atlanta

Until now.

While nearly one third of children with ADD receive their diagnosis before the age of six years old, there is still confusion about the disorder even among clinicians. That’s why it’s important to see an expert. Even more importantly, if you have a loved one that feels he or she has ADD symptoms, talk to a clinician that can help you with the diagnostic process. That’s the Martin Clinic. Dr. Jeremy Martin has been working specifically with ADD & ADHD patients since 1999.

Brain Mapping

Imagine taking a photograph of your brain. Now, imagine being able to take an video of your brain to watch how certain parts function. That’s what brain mapping does. This painless 15 minute procedure can tell an educated clinician how well areas of your brain are functioning. Brain mapping not only helps determine whether or not a person has ADD or ADHD, but it helps identify the specific type.


Did you know that Dr. Daniel Amen identified 7 different types of ADD/ADHD? Did you know that only one is actually amenable to ADD medications? Unfortunately, ADD meds are the first intervention clinicians often reach for. This puts the individual at risk to deal with the side effects, and there’s often a cyclical nature to the person staying on the meds until the side effects can no longer be tolerated before they come off them. It’s not always necessary or recommended to go through that.

The types of ADD are:

  • Classic ADD/ADHD
  • Inattentive ADD
  • Over Focused ADD/ADHD
  • Temporal Lobe ADD/ADHD
  • Limbic ADD/ADHD
  • Ring Of Fire ADD/ADHD
  • Anxious ADD/ADHD

A Natural Approach To ADD Treatment

For more than 15 years, Dr. Jeremy Martin has been helping adult and young patients with ADD and ADHD regain their focus and improve their lives. After a brain mapping session, Dr. Martin works with patients and their families to identify specific strategies to make improvements. Using a variety of techniques including functional neurology, nutrition, neurofeedback and other interventions, Dr. Martin helps people identify and address the triggers for ADD in their lives. Dealing with these triggers helps relieve ADD symptoms. The staff at The Martin Clinic has seen hundreds of patients like you, and they’ve been able to deliver many other ADD clinics haven’t- results. Improve your focus, and improve your life.

Call Dr. Jeremy Martin and set up a consultation today. You’ll be particularly glad you did. In fact, when it comes to ADD/ADHD treatment, you’ll wish you called years ago.

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