We have helped many children and adults with their ADHD symptoms in the last 8 years. In most of these cases we have used neurofeedback and brain rehab exercises to strengthen the weak areas of the brain. I know beyond a shadow of doubt the techniques we use work. I know that in our clinics, we are ahead of the curve. But I still get excited when the outside world reports good news about neurofeedback.

I have taught many doctors across the country these techniques. I am fortunate to hear from many of the doctors about the success they are having in helping people reach their health goals. It is important for families to know there is a non-drug option in dealing with these problems. It is also important to fix the cause rather than cover up the symptoms. Drugs are rarely the long term answer to neurobehavioral problems.

Neurofeedback is the computerized retraining of brain waves. This tool helps correct the underlying cause behind many ADD/ADHD cases. We often find high amounts of delta and theta waves in the front of the ADHD brain. This is associated with difficulty focusing and paying attention. There is more than 20 years of research behind this.

2016 has been a great year for neurofeedback. Some great research studies supporting this powerful non-drug tool have come out. Some of them include the following:

1. A research study done published by Scientific Reports found “Neurofeedback is increasingly recognized as an intervention to treat core symptoms of ADHD.” They also reported “that specific neuronal mechanisms underlying impulsivity are modulated by theta/beta neurofeedback in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.”

2. The Kubik Research Group reported “neurofeedback is a valuable tool with beneficial impact on children with ADHD and accompanying disorders.”

3. The Basic and Clinical Neuroscience Journal reported “neurofeedback is effective in the improvement of ADHD.”

4. The Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology reported “neurofeedback is effective in treating adult ADHD long term.

5. The Gonzalez-Castro Research Group analyzed the efficacy of neurofeedback versus drug therapy. They reported the “neurofeedback group improved to a greater extent in executive control than the pharmacological support group.”

Getting to the root of the problem is important in all neurobehavioral cases. It is especially important in ADHD cases. Brain maps allow us to find the cause of many of these cases. Neurofeedback, brain rehab exercises and nutrition give us incredible tools to actually correct the problem instead of masking it with drugs.

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Here’s one of our favorite testimonials:

Chris’ mom: We cannot thank you enough for working with our son. He tells us he feels like a better version of himself. He is nearing the end of his treatment session with you, but wants to make sure we come back to visit to let you know what he is accomplishing as a result of your work with him. Thank you so much Dr. Martin for believing in our son and for helping him see all the potential we always knew he had.