attention deficit disorder medications Atlanta, add medications atlantaAre You Tired Of ADD Medications?

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is  a common neurobehavioral problems in the United States today. Some experts think that roughly 10% of our population struggle with ADD symptoms and all too often, the treatment of choice is simply medications alone. These ADD medications have side efffects that can make it difficult to be compliant. There simply must be a better way to cope.

There is hope! The staff at the Martin Clinic has worked with hundreds of both children and adults struggling with ADD symptoms with outstanding results. Our patients come from all over Atlanta for much needed relief.

What We Do With ADD That’s Different

First, we don’t rely upon ADD meds alone. In fact, we take a more holistic approach to coping with ADD. We use such techniques as brain mapping, neurofeedback, functional neurology and nutrition to help the individual cope with attention deficit disorder. We feel that by exploring the physical, mental and chemical stressors that individual is dealing with, we can help find ways to relieve the stress which in turn, increases the focus. This is a more natural, whole body approach that has created impressive results. Also, taking a more holistic approach to ADD helps avoid the roller coaster issues around ADD medication compliance.

Dr. Martin is committed to helping each patient and their family members establish and achieve their healthcare goals by using the latest effective techniques. We provide top level care and outstanding customer service, but more than that, we provide results. Since 1999, Dr. Martin has been helping patients with ADD and he has logged over 600 postgraduate hours in functional neurology and nutrition. He has lectured all around the U.S. and written two books on the subject.

If you’re tired of the cycles and swings of being on meds or simply want to try a more natural approach to dealing with ADHD, schedule a consultation with Dr. Martin today by calling 770.237.3970. Let us help you get rid of all the distractions and get focused.

Facts about ADD

 •  50% of adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder symptoms have a substance abuse attention deficit disorder Atlanta, ADD Atlantadisorder

 •  More than 50% have a nicotine dependence

 •  The children in the US consume 3x the stimulants consumed by the rest of the world’s children combined.

 •  Many of those with ADHD get in trouble with the law.

 •  We have helped many people manage their problems associated with this disorder.

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