ADD Therapists Versus A Holistic Approach

ADD Atlanta, ADHD therapists in AtlantaIf you or your loved one struggles with attention deficit disorder symptoms and is looking for an ADD therapist in the Atlanta area, maybe it’s time to consider an alternative. Many psychiatrists simply prescribe ADD medications which can have side effects that are hard to tolerate. Therapists help with stress relieve techniques and cognitive behavioral approaches. Many of these approaches can certainly help, but many are also lacking.

For example, did you know that there are 7 different types of ADD, and only one type responds well to medication? Too often, clinicians don’t either take the time to fully rule out which type of ADD the person is dealing with, or they simply don’t understand attention deficit disorder symptoms all that well themselves.

It’s Time For A More Natural Approach to ADD Treatment

Rather than see an ADD therapist, take meds and go down the well worn path that makes up the traditional ADD treatment, what if there is a better way? At the Martin Clinic, we take a more natural, holistic approach to treating ADD. We begin with a 15 minute, non-invasive diagnostic process called brain mapping. This process gives us information about how the brain is functioning and what areas may need more attention. Imagine trying to heal a bone in the body without knowing what bone was lbroken? Managing ADD symptoms should be no different.

Once we have a clear idea about how the brain is functioning, we can develop a more effective plan of approach to helping the individual regain their focus and attention. We use biofeedback, nutrition and functional neurology as part of our arsenal of tools. Our approach creates fewer (if any) side effects, and more importantly, we see results.

Since 1999, Dr. Martin has treated ADD in hundreds of patients all over Atlanta. He has written two books and lectures all over the country on the subject. For people with ADD, he can provide much needed relief.

Call The Martin Clinic and schedule a consultation today. You’ll be glad you did. It’s the perfect alternative to weekly meetings with another ADD therapist.

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