It’s back to school time! Some of you are relieved and some of you are a little worried. School is a time of fun and learning for many kids and their families, but for some children, school is a time of stress. With stress, learning issues and emotional issues can arise. When these issues become chronic and/or severe, many families wonder what actions to take to help their child. Many people are looking for options.

Some families turn to medication for things like ADHD and anxiety. Others really don’t want to put their kids on drugs that are known to have serious side effects. We have helped families dealing with this decision for almost a decade. We use the latest non-drug techniques to help our patients reach their health goals.

Brain mapping is a computerized, non-invasive, EEG analysis of brain function. Often with neurobehavioral symptoms and disorders, we can find the location of the problem and the severity of the problem. This leads to targeted management of the weak or unbalanced brain area with neurofeedback and brain rehab exercises. Neurofeedback was recognized by the American Academy of Pediatrics to perform at the same level as the stimulant drugs for ADD
and ADHD in 2012.

Neurobehavioral issues are not going anywhere. Over 10% of school aged boys are believed to deal with ADD or ADHD. Anxiety has become common in elementary aged children. We are seeing younger and younger children dealing with depression. Problems with executive function (learning, communication, memory, organization, etc.) are occurring in the younger and older populations at an unprecedented rate.

Getting to the cause or root of a problem is important. Brain maps can help us do that. Find out if there is a neurological cause behind the symptoms you are dealing with by getting your mapping done. Feel free to contact us with any questions at The Martin Clinic at 770.237.3970 or We have helped both children and adult with neurobehavioral and neurodegenerative disorders for the last 10 years.