Neurobehavioral disorders have exploded in this generation. ADHD is diagnosed in a significant portion of school aged children. It is estimated that 11% of school aged children are dealing with ADHD. Autism has become commonplace. The CDC reports autism occurs in 1/68 children. We are seeing many cases of anxiety and depression in kids as young as 4.

Many of these problems can be managed by balancing the brain. By finding out what is over- firing and under-firing, we can offer a non-drug option to many of the families dealing with these health challenges. For many years the healthcare establishment had to guess what was happening in the brain of the patient. That no longer is the case. We can now find the cause.

Finding the cause of the problem is very important. Brain mapping allows us to literally visualize the function of the brain. Brain mapping involves the use of EEG or the recording of the electrical activity of the brain. We can use this information to find if any of the 4 main waves are out of range (delta, theta, alpha and beta).

Mapping allows for a targeted treatment program using neurofeedback and brain strengthening exercises. Neurofeedback is actually defined as the computerized balancing of brain waves. This non-invasive procedure has been used since the 1950s by groups like NASA, professional/ Olympic sports teams, the US military and high end health clinics. The American Academy of Pediatrics actually rates neurofeedback at the same level as medication for the treatment of ADHD.

When you add functional neurology to the practice of neurofeedback, you have a powerful healing technique. Functional neurology find the area or areas of weakness in the brain and rehabilitates these areas using a specific exercise program that targets the weak area.

We have used these techniques for almost a decade and had great success. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at The Martin Clinic at 770.237.3970 or