ADHD: You Now Have A Choice In The Type Of Treatment

ADHD has become a big problem. The CDC reports a 42% increase in ADHD cases in recent years. It is the number one diagnosed neurobehavioral disorder found in children and the number one reason kids are medicated. Healthline reports 13% of men will are diagnosed with ADHD sometime in their lifetime. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder […]

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Make Your Work Day Better


We are all busy.  Most of us have to work.  Let’s discuss some ways to make the work day better.


First, let’s talk about some of the regular challenges:

– I’m tired

– I’m hungry

– I’m in pain

– I can’t focus

– When is it Friday?


People are fatigued. What are some actions we can take to combat […]

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How Can A Person Become Burned Out?

Most of us have been through some form of burnout.  With chronic stress often comes burnout.  Google’s definition of burnout is “physical or mental collapse caused by overwork or stress.”  So many of us are pushing our body to the limit and not stopping and taking the time to take care of the machine that we depend on.  […]

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Getting To The Bottom of Chronic Pain

People dealing with chronic pain are everywhere.  We are seeing both children and adults dealing with more and more headaches, back pain, neck pain, joint pain and pain syndromes.  Chronic pain is defined as pain that persists longer than six months. Long term pain is often accompanied by other symptoms. These symptoms can include poor […]

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ADHD: Why Getting To The Root Cause Matters

It has been estimated that up to 66% of people diagnosed in childhood with ADHD will continue to have problems into adulthood.  Many times the hyperactivity component will get better and people think they have outgrown the core issues of ADHD.  We are seeing more and more adults struggling with focus, impulsivity, emotional control, decision […]

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Dealing With ADD

We help a lot of people, both children and adults, dealing with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder).  Some have full blown ADHD and some have symptoms that come and go.  It was recently reported almost 1 in 5 high school boys have been given a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder.  Boys deal with ADD symptoms at a 3:1 […]

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Memory And The Brain

Memory is one of our greatest assets.  Remembering where we have been, what we have done and who we did it with are important.  Memory issues are often thought of as being something the senior population deals with.  We are seeing younger and younger people dealing with memory issues.  On a weekly basis, we are […]

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Exercise Is A Must

Exercise is a must for all of us.  If we can, it is important to move our body on a regular basis.
We recommend at least 150 minutes of cardiovascular exercise during the course of a normal
week for most of our patients. This includes adults and children. One of the best parts is
walking counts. The Department […]

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Why Having ADHD Matters

There are different types and severities of ADD (attention deficit disorder) and ADHD (attention
deficit hyperactivity disorder). There are different causes and different manifestations. The
bottom line is that this type of health problem can look very different in different people. Some
days we see mild cases and some days we see very severe cases.

The other bottom line […]

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The Ways We Ruin Our Body

Our physical body is a machine. An advanced, incredible machine, but still at machine. It
matters what we do to it and what we put into it on a regular basis. If we take care of our
machine, it will take care of us as we age. Health and wellness must be a priority. Nutrition,
exercise, inflammation and […]

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