ADHD Research- Part 3

Here’s more research behind the use of neurofeedback with ADHD. So many people were
excited about the first two blogs on this subject, I thought I should write a third. We have used
neurofeedback with ADD and ADHD for almost a decade with great success. Targeted
management of the problem is possible with brain mapping and neurofeedback. Strengthening
and […]

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You Cannot Spank Away ADD

ADD or attention deficit disorder is real. Families and individuals all over the country are facing
significant difficulties from this health challenge. The inability to focus or stay on task can
overwhelm a person. In many cases of ADD, the harder the person tries to focus, the worse
they do. It is believes that over 10% or school […]

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A New Way To Look At Depression

Depression is a real problem in our country. We are seeing more and more people dealing with
depression that are coming into our office. Some of these people coming in for help include
elementary aged children. The CDC reports 24 million Americans deal with some type of
depression. Mercola, one of the leading internet health sites, reported that […]

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Back to School

It’s back to school time! Some of you are relieved and some of you are a little worried. School is a time of fun and learning for many kids and their families, but for some children, school is a time of stress. With stress, learning issues and emotional issues can arise. When these issues become chronic and/or […]

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The Seven Best Ways To Deal With Stress

Anxiety is running rampant in our world. Anxiety recently overtook depression for the top place
responsible for disability. Some level of anxiety in our life is normal and can actually be good for
us. It is when the worry and stress become chronic and severe that problems arise.

Here are 7 of the best non-drug ways to deal […]

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Dr. Martin’s Radio Interview on Concussions

Just in case you missed Dr. Martin’s radio interview about the new study on concussions, you can hear it now.

It is time to get real about head trauma. The hottest topic in sports today are head injuries or
concussions. You cannot watch an NFL game without concussion and the lasting consequences
being mentioned. Blows to the head, […]

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Adult ADD: A Real Problem

ADD or attention deficit disorders is a condition that over ten percent of the male population
deals with in childhood. This condition is not a fad or a flavor of the decade diagnosis. ADD
was described back in 1902 by pediatrician George Still. Dr. Still spoke of children that were
hyperactive, impulsive and inattentive. ADD is real. ADD […]

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Brain Mapping vs. Guessing

In our office, we have been brain mapping for almost a decade. Brain maps are a 15-20 minute, noninvasive,
computerized, EEG analysis of brain function. We take recordings from different areas
of the patient’s brain and send them to a normative database for comparison. We then receive
a brain map back that allows us to know if there […]

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Vitamin D- What is the Big Deal?

Optimized vitamin D levels are one of the most important things you can do for your health.
Vitamin D levels are talked about much more than they were 15-20 years ago, but many people
(including healthcare providers) are still dropping the ball when it comes to maximizing this
important vitamin. I encourage you to know your vitamin D […]

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Top 10 Worst Things For The Brain

1. Low or no physical activity- Moving our body on a regular basis helps the heart, lungs
and brain in a tremendous way. We often find that exercise helps cognition, focus, attention
and learning. Research from Harvard University found “Regular exercise changes the brain
to improve memory, thinking skills.”

2. Contact sports- Head traumas matter. Several small head traumas […]

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