For many years people have worked out their body in an attempt to lose weight, gain muscle, increase cardiovascular fitness or to just look better. Free weights, weight machines, cross training, stairsteppers, ellipticals, etc. There is nothing wrong with working out for those specific reasons. Almost all of us have done that at one point or another. There is a new movement in the last decade of a fitness program of a different type.

This new type of fitness I am referring to is know as brain fitness. Our brain is our greatest physical asset. Many of our organs can be replaced. Our brain cannot. We must take care of and strengthen the brain when we can. This is the perfect time for brain fitness to come into style. Neurobehavioral and neurodegenerative disorders are at an all time high. More than 1/10 school aged boys has ADHD (41% increase in the last decade). At age 75, there is a 1/10 chance you will have Alzheimer’s. Depression has risen 400 percent since the 1980s. There has never been a better time for brain fitness.

Brain fitness involves monitoring the activation (electrical output of the brain), inflammation and motor output of the brain. This type of fitness involves assessing your environment for factors that help your brain and factors that hurt your brain. Brain maps, neurological evaluations and laboratory testing helps determine what areas, if any, we need to balance or strengthen. Knowing all of this information allows an individual to recognize if there is a problem and to undertake a targeted treatment plan with concrete goals.

The first step in brain fitness is to find out at what level you are starting. A brain map and neurological evaluation is a great place to start. Brain maps are a 15 minute, non-invasive, computerized evaluation of brain function. Mapping the brain involves the recording and analysis of the electrical output of the brain (EEG).

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