In our office, we have been brain mapping for almost a decade. Brain maps are a 15-20 minute, noninvasive,
computerized, EEG analysis of brain function. We take recordings from different areas
of the patient’s brain and send them to a normative database for comparison. We then receive
a brain map back that allows us to know if there is a neurological reason behind the patient’s
symptoms and a way to use targeted treatment of the weak or unbalanced area. This also
allows us to treat each person as an individual rather than assuming each patient with a
particular symptom is the same as the others that deal with that symptom.

The alternative to this is guessing. Guessing at what the problem is has been used in health
care for many years. The problem with guessing is that often a person can be wrong. Not
every person with depression has a serotonin deficiency. Not every child with ADHD has a
stimulant deficiency. While we are not anti-drug, drugs are not always the best long term way to
manage neurobehavioral issues. Neurofeedback, brain rehab exercises, nutrition, gut rehab
and metabolic rehab often get as good or better long term results as the drugs. And with less or
no side effects.

Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide what is best for body. But it is important to know
your options. We have used brain mapping to help target weak or unbalanced areas of the
brain on hundreds of people. Our techniques have been taught across the country. We still
hear on a weekly basis of people who have never heard of this technology. It is nice to know
that a non-drug option exists for things like ADHD, autism, concussion, addiction, anxiety,
depression and chronic pain.

We help many people with many health problems at The Martin Clinic. Optimizing brain and
nervous system function has helped many people over the years. We offer non-drug
management of many neurobehavioral and neurodegenerative conditions. Feel free to contact
us with any questions at 770.237.3970 or