We are all busy.  Most of us have to work.  Let’s discuss some ways to make the work day better.


First, let’s talk about some of the regular challenges:

I’m tired

I’m hungry

I’m in pain

I can’t focus

When is it Friday?


  1. People are fatigued. What are some actions we can take to combat fatigue? Try going to bed and getting up at about the same time every day. Do your best to be asleep before 10:30-11:00. Do put any type of stimulant in your body after 3-4 pm. Make sure you exercise regularly. Do deep breathing exercises. Eat breakfast (make sure there is plenty of protein). Don’t eat large dinners close to bed time. Get your glucose and iron checked. If none of these ideas work, it may be time to get a brain map to determine if there is a neurological reason behind the fatigue.


  1. Many people are hungry all day. Eat plenty of protein for breakfast. Consider small snacks between breakfast and lunch and also between lunch and dinner. Stay hydrated (low or no water often causes people to crave food). Think about taking a 20-30 minute walk in the morning or at lunch. Check your glucose and thyroid numbers.


  1. Chronic pain is widespread. The American Academy of Pain Medicine estimates 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. Pain is believed to more common for those living in the United States than diabetes, heart disease, and cancer combined. Brain maps and neurological exams help determine if there is a brain based reason behind the chronic pain.


  1. ADD symptoms are becoming very common. Problem with focus, decision making and impulsivity are causing many problems for both children and adults. Brain maps help find the cause and guide us in strengthening or balancing the weak areas of the brain.


  1. So many people are living only for the weekend. Depression and anxiety are causing many people to have difficulty getting through the work week. Exercise can help. Deep breathing can help. Make sure you get your blood checked. If none of this works, consider a brain map. Neurofeedback, brain rehab exercises and nutrition help many people with emotional control and reduce anxiety and depression.


Take action to make your work day better. What we do on a regular basis matters. In fact, what we do on a regular basis will determine how successful our life is. We have helped people for over a decade with our non-drug, brain rehab program.


Let us know if we can help in any way. We have helped people reach their health goals for almost 2 decades. You can reach us at info@themartinclinic.com or 770.237.3970.  We have locations in Roswell and Duluth, Georgia. Our website is themartinclinic.com.