Athletes are always looking for an advantage. A new way to train their body or a new supplement is exciting. One overlooked aspect of being an athlete is training the brain. There are examples of athletes that have used brain training in their preparation. These athletes include the Olympic gold medalist in sharpshooting, the Italian National soccer team, the Canadian ski team and the professional soccer team, AC Milan.

Our brain helps us with factors important to sport such as: focus, attention, learning, memory and anxiety.

There are 4 main brain waves that we consider. The electrical output of the brain is associated with function. Each wave is associated with particular functions. We measure these waves with EEG.

The first wave is delta. Delta waves have a lot to do with sleep. An abundance of delta waves in an awake state is associated with brain fog. Brain fog can be detrimental to an athlete. Zoning out can be very harmful on the field.

Theta waves have a lot to do with the pre-sleep phase. When we make a lot of theta it is very difficult to focus. In fact, one way researchers and doctors are find ADHD is an abundance of this wave. It is very common to see high theta in athletes involved in contact sports. The next wave is alpha.

Alpha waves are associated with emotions. Too high of alpha makes it difficult to control emotions and difficult to filter your environment. Too low of alpha is associated with low motivation. Controlling our emotions is very important in the sporting world.

Beta waves are associated with executive function. Executive functions include learning, cognition, organization and many other higher functions. The better your executive functions, the better you remember plays and remember techniques.

A strong brain give you an advantage in sports and in life. If we can help you in any way, feel free to contact us at The Martin Clinic at 770.237.3970 or email us at  Be sure to check out our website at