There are several important parts to the human brain. Many deal with functions that are necessary for life. Many act as filters to help modulate the stronger areas of the brain. Our frontal lobe, the boss of the brain, acts as a filter or gate to the deeper limbic lobe of the brain.

The limbic lobe of the brain is sometimes called the caveman brain. This area of the brain is intimately involved with things like blood pressure, heart rate, gut function, etc. When the frontal lobe does not gate or filter this area appropriately, we tend to be more impulsive, make more bad decisions, be less organized, not remember very well, and have more difficulty trying to learn new things. We often see poor frontal lobe function in ADHD, learning problems, post concussion syndrome, early dementia.

Two very powerful ways to look at the function of the frontal lobe and the gating of the limbic lobe include brain mapping (looking at the electrical output of the brain with EEG leads) and a functional neurological evaluation. Imbalances on brain maps can provide us the location of weak or imbalanced areas of the brain. This is very helpful because it provides us the location that we need to target with neurofeedback and brain rehab exercises.

Functional neurological evaluations often include the assessment of eye movements. Many eye movements are regulated by the frontal lobe. When the frontal lobe is not properly filtering we can even get spontaneous eye movements. If you have every been around anyone whose eyes flicker back and forth, it can be quite a thing to see!

The limbic, or caveman brain, is a very important part of our brain. It helps ramp us up in times of danger. But this area needs to be filtered so that we are not in a constant state of fear and survival. The best part is that through neurofeedback, targeted brain rehab exercises and nutrition, we have been very successful in the past calming the limbic lobe.

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