Brain mapping is an incredibly valuable tool. Brain mapping measures the electrical output of the brain through EEG sensors. Many people have heard of EKG for the heart. We know EKG is often used to determine if a person has suffered a heart attack. EEG is very similar but for the brain. Certain highs and lows in the brain waves are associated with particular symptoms. The electrical activity of the brain is an excellent way to measure brain function.

Maps help determine if there is a true neurological reason behind a person’s symptoms. Healthcare providers and patients no longer have to wonder. Guessing is no longer a part of the equation. Jim Robbins, an author who writes regularly about science, calls EEG “the electrical fingerprint of the brain.” We record the electrical activity of a person’s brain and then compare that brain to other brains of the same age in a normative database. The first brain mapping and comparison to a normative database occurred in the 1950s as a part of a study done at UCLA with NASA researchers.

Fluctuations in the electrical activity of the brain were found in the late 1800s. In the 1930s, a German researcher named Hans Berger recorded the EEG on the human scalp. In 1963 a researcher at The University of Chicago, named Joseph Kamaya, proved the electrical activity of the brain could are trained using instrumentation.

The value of mapping is twofold. One, mapping leads to targeted treatment of the weak area. We do not have to guess what area is the problems because we have a map of the brain. Two, we can actually keep us with the progress our treatment is having with maps. Remapping of the brain allows us to know if our treatment is working.

Targeted treatment of weak or unbalanced areas usually involves an advanced form of neurofeedback and brain strengthening exercises. Neurofeedback has been used for many years for a variety of conditions. The American Academy of Pediatrics rates neurofeedback at the same level as stimulant drugs for ADHD.

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