Most of us have heard of the thyroid. Not many know the importance of the thyroid. Some of us get our thyroid checked out with our yearly blood work.

Thyroid problems usually are accompanied by metabolic rate issues, energy decline, poor mental function, poor GI function and poor emotional control. The thyroid is the site of most of the autoimmune attack in the human body. Hypothyroidism (or low thyroid function) is the most common type of thyroid condition. Autoimmune thyroid or Hashimoto’s disease is believed to be the cause of around ninety percent of thyroid problems. Autoimmune thyroid is ten to twenty times more common in the female population.

The thyroid is very susceptible to environmental stressors. Toxins, hormones, medications and our food choices can have a profound influence on the thyroid. It is important to determine the type and cause of thyroid dysfunction in each patient. We often see poor thyroid function in chronic health conditions such as: ADD, anxiety, depression, chronic pain/Fibromyalgia, insomnia, poor recovery from injury, lack of motivation and memory problems. The most common symptoms are depression and fatigue.

There are a wide variety of signs reported with thyroid dysfunction. One of the most common is hair thinning/hair loss in females. Other signs include obesity, very dry hair, dry skin and a swollen/puffy face.

The thyroid interacts with many systems and functions in the body including: the brain, cardiovascular system, GI tract, gallbladder, liver, bone metabolism, hormone production, protein metabolism, red blood cell metabolism, and glucose metabolism.

It is very common in the traditional healthcare system to check the TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) value to determine thyroid function. It is important to check all the major thyroid factors, including the thyroid antibodies. There are 24 patterns of thyroid dysfunction. We want to make sure that the thyroid in each patient is working at optimal levels.

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