Before any patient takes a medication, a doctor is supposed to tell them the possible side
effects of the drug and help the patient way the cost versus the benefit. That is rarely, if ever,
happening today in the world of ADHD. Most of the patients we see who are dealing with ADHD
symptoms and are on ADHD medications were given the meds based on a 1-2 minute talk
about symptoms. The only time any talk of side effects occurs is when the doctor wants to
watch the liver numbers in case the drugs are harmful to the liver.

The medications used for ADD and ADHD can harm a child and an adult. Every week in
practice, we hear the stories of both kids and adults dealing with poor sleep, not wanting to eat,
dealing with a racing heart, liver issues, gastrointestinal dysfunction, feeling like a zombie and
even suicidal thoughts. With the medications, there is definitely a weighing of benefit versus
risk. It is important to know that this does not have to be the case.

There is a non-drug option available. The doctor and the patient no longer have to wonder
what is going on in the brain. We can now perform brain maps or QEEG. Brain maps are a
short, non-invasive, computerized EEG analysis of brain function. This allow us to see if there
is a neurological reason behind the symptoms. It also allows us to find the type, severity and
location of the problem. This allows for a targeted management program without he use of

If we find a problem on the brain map, we can often retrain the brain waves back to normal
using neurofeedback. Neurofeedback is a computerized brain exercise program. This
technique has been used for decades in dealing with the symptoms of ADHD. Dr. Barry
Sterman of UCLA has published more than 150 paper on neurofeedback. Dr. Joel Lubar of the
University of Tennessee began his research with neurofeedback and ADD in 1975.

The American Academy of Pediatrics rated neurofeedback at the same level as the stimulant
medications in 2012. The US military, Olympic and professional sports teams have used this
technique for many years. We have used it in our clinic for almost a decade with great success.
Finding and addressing the root of the problem is incredibly valuable. This is especially true in
the life of a child.

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