Anxiety is running rampant in our world. Anxiety recently overtook depression for the top place
responsible for disability. Some level of anxiety in our life is normal and can actually be good for
us. It is when the worry and stress become chronic and severe that problems arise.

Here are 7 of the best non-drug ways to deal with stress:

1. Exercise- Moving our body on a regular basis helps with many functions. Included in this is
the reduction of stress and increased blood flow. Increasing our blood flow can get
hormones and endorphins moving in our body.

2. Deep breathing sessions- Deep, cleansing breathes can help calm our sympathetic/fight or
flight system. This can help calm anxiety.

3. Plan your work/Work your plan- Staying organized can help us get done what we need to
get done during the day. Trying to memorize everything you need to do just does not work
when you get busy.

4. Massage- Body work help our muscles relax and helps us feel better. Chronic stress can
cause headaches and back pain. Many of us carry stress in the form of muscle spasms in
our shoulders and neck.

5. Chiropractic adjustments- Adjustments can help reduce musculoskeletal stress, improve
posture and take stress off the spinal vertebrae. We have seen adjustments help many
people with stress over the last 2 decades.

6. GABA producing supplements- GABA is an important calming neurotransmitter. We have
seen great results in both adults and children using these supplements.

7. Neurofeedback- This is a specific, computerized workout for the brain. We usually see
anxiety increased when the front part of the brain is over-firing. A brain map helps find out if
your brain is over-firing and neurofeedback helps calm this area. We have had great
success over the last 10 years using this technology.

We have helped people with stress in our office for almost two decades. If we can answer any
questions or help in any way, feel free to contact our office at 770.237.3970 or
have both in-office and home programs available.