1. ADD/ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)- This
condition is the number one reason children are medicated in the United States. Over 11%
of school aged boys have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. Many healthcare providers
are not aware that 7 distinct types exist. We can often find the type and severity with a brain
map. Dr. Martin has taught these techniques for ADD all over the country.

2. Anxiety- We all worry. We all have some level of anxiety. It is when the anxiety becomes
severe and chronic that problems arise. We can find out if there is a neurological reason
behind the anxiety with an exam and brain map. We often find the front part of the brain
over-firing in these cases.

3. Depression- Again, most of us have our ups and downs. It is when the downs start getting
severe and frequent that you have to worry. We often find low alpha waves in the front of
the brain in depression cases. Alpha waves are called the feel good wave. It is difficult to
feel good with low alpha waves.

4. Chronic Pain- Pain can come from many sources. With chronic pain we tend to see a
upper and lower brain that is over-firing. We have been very successful in the past helping
people overcome the pain with neurofeedback, nutrition, and modulating inflammation.

5. Autism Spectrum- We have helped those with ASD for a long time. Maximizing executive
function is very important for these cases. Brain maps allow us to target the weak or
unbalanced area in the brain.

6. Concussion- This has become as big of a problem as ADD and autism. Post concussion
symptoms are becoming very common. We see athletes of all ages dealing with all sorts of
issues caused by a head trauma. We are also seeing more and more people with these
issues stemming from automobile accidents and childhood traumas.

7. Addiction- There are several different types of addiction. A brain map helps us find if there
is a neurological reason for the problem. We often see issues with alpha waves (the feel
good wave) in this case, similar to depression cases. Many people with use and abuse in
order to raise the alpha waves for a short period of time.

8. Memory Problems- I am very excited about the changes we are making in those dealing
with memory issues. Maximizing the brain with neurofeedback, nutrition, and brain rehab
exercises can make a difference in the lives of many people dealing with memory issues.

9. Peak Performance- Many people in their 40’s and 50’s realize they are not functioning as
well as they used to. A brain map and exam can tell us if there is a brain based reason. We
hear many people that have gone through our program tell us that they feel sharp and
young again mentally.

10. Chronic Unnamed Conditions- We help many people dealing with chronic health
conditions that no one has been able to name. Often an autoimmune/early neurodenerative
condition. Strenthening/balancing the brain, dealing with inflammation, improving gut health,
creating proper diets, and looking at patient environments have allowed us to help this
population over the last decade.

The first step in seeing if we can help you or your loved one is an exam, case review and brain
map. Feel free to contact us at The Martin Clinic at 770.237.3970 or
info@themartinclinic.com. We are located in Duluth, Georgia (across from The Infinite
Energy Arena).