Our physical body is a machine. An advanced, incredible machine, but still at machine. It
matters what we do to it and what we put into it on a regular basis. If we take care of our
machine, it will take care of us as we age. Health and wellness must be a priority. Nutrition,
exercise, inflammation and brain activation can all determine our quality of life.

Nutrition is huge. What we put into our body on a regular basis matters. We cannot be perfect
in all of our food choices, but we can make good decisions more times than not. Improper
nutrition has been linked to heart disease, some cancers, diabetes, high blood pressure and
decreased energy levels. Our food supply has changed dramatically in recent years. It is
important to fuel our body properly.

Exercise is just as important. We were made to move. If you can move, you should on a
regular basis. An important target is 150 minutes of exercise per week. Do your best to move
every day (walking counts). The Mayo Clinic lists some of the benefits of exercise as follows:
controls weight, combats disease, improves mood, boosts energy and helps you connect with
others in a social setting. I would add that exercise also helps modulate our immune and
nervous system. Too many people are not moving on a regular basis.

Keeping inflammation at bay is also important. Chronic or long standing inflammation is
associated with dysfunction. Neurological issues, cancer, heart disease and autoimmunity are
all associated with high levels of chronic inflammation. We can measure levels of inflammation
in the body with a blood test and we can often calm chronic inflammation with proper nutritional

Monitoring and keeping the proper activation of our brain is paramount. Activation can be
monitored by brain map. Brain maps are a short, non-invasive, computerized EEG analysis of
brain function. Maps allow for management of problem areas with advanced neurofeedback,
brain rehab exercises and nutrition. We have used this technique for almost a decade with
great success.

There is an old saying that I have found to be true in healthcare. Most people are willing to
spend their health when they are young to make money. Most are willing to spend their money
when they are old to try to get their health back. Bottom line, it matters what you do day to day
to your body.

Contact us if we can help in any way. The Martin Clinic is located in Duluth, Georgia (across
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Our website is themartinclinic.com.


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