1. Low or no physical activity- Moving our body on a regular basis helps the heart, lungs
and brain in a tremendous way. We often find that exercise helps cognition, focus, attention
and learning. Research from Harvard University found “Regular exercise changes the brain
to improve memory, thinking skills.”

2. Contact sports- Head traumas matter. Several small head traumas can be just as bad as a
severe trauma. This can cause loss of electrical activity in the brain. This has been linked
to poor executive function, depression, anxiety and poor focus. We see athletes, from
preschool to professional, dealing with symptoms caused by head trauma.

3. Chronic inflammation- Inflammation is the leading theory behind cancer, heart disease and
many brain based disorders. Keeping inflammation in check is a very important aspect of
optimal health. Checking inflammatory markers on a yearly basis is a good idea.

4. Insomnia- Sleep is when our body rests, regenerates and processes our day. Without
proper sleep, our brain will not function at the highest level. Psychology Today reported “A
lack of sleep during the night has long been linked to deceased memory and concentration
during the day.”

5. Poorly regulated blood sugar- Glucose levels are very important to our day to day
function. Glucose is one of our important fuel sources. Blood sugar too high or too low can
be disastrous to our health. A study out of Harvard reported low glucose levels can be
linked to poor attention and cognitive function. On the other hand, the journal Neurology
recently reported high blood sugar can actually lead to brain shrinkage.

6. Low iron- Another source of fuel. Iron carries oxygen in our body. Low iron = low oxygen to
the body. The World Health Organization has reported that iron deficiency is the top
nutritional disorder in the world. It is believed that more than 80% of the world’s population
is iron deficient. This can result in fatigue, decreased cognitive performance, decreased
thinking ability and decreased processing skills.

7. Pollution- Dirty water, air and food are a big problem for all of us. Limiting your toxic
exposure and taking steps to detox are very important. The journal Molecular Psychiatry
reported pollution can lead to changes in “learning, memory and mood.”

8. Legal drugs- Many of the over the counter and prescription drugs Americans take on a
regular basis can cause other issues. This will be its own blog post very soon.

9. Low cholesterol- We need fat and cholesterol in our body. Very high cholesterol is a
problem. But so is very low cholesterol. Some sources say we need at levels of 150 to
make proper cell walls.

10. Screen addiction- This is becoming a bigger deal by the year. Too many people are on
“smart” devices for too long a period of time. One recent report found too much screen time
can “increase stress reactions” and “overloads the sensory system, fractures attention, and
depletes mental reserves.” Too many kids are playing video games for too long of a period
of time. A study out of Norway found “as computer game playing increased there was a
higher prevalence of sleeping problems, depression, suicide ideations, anxiety, obsessions/
compulsions, and alcohol/substance abuse.”

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