Optimized vitamin D levels are one of the most important things you can do for your health.
Vitamin D levels are talked about much more than they were 15-20 years ago, but many people
(including healthcare providers) are still dropping the ball when it comes to maximizing this
important vitamin. I encourage you to know your vitamin D number. Recent studies out of
Harvard and the University of Colorado have found the vast majority of people on earth are
Vitamin D deficient. The number is estimated as high as 80% of us are deficient.

The “godfather” of vitamin D research is Michael Hollick, PhD. He has a great book
called, “The Vitamin D Solution”. Dr. Hollick outlines the importance of maximizing your vitamin D
levels. The benefits include: bone health, cellular health, organ health, muscular health,
autoimmune health, brain health and mood-related health. Many of us know the importance of
D for bone health, but Dr. Hollick states, “Vitamin D may be as vital to your heart and brain health,
for example, as it is to your bone health.”

We help many types of cases in our office on a regular basis. Everything from ADHD to
addiction to chronic pain. One common theme we see in neurobehavioral and
neurodegenerative cases are low levels of vitamin D. Maximizing vitamin D levels may help
with depression, dementia, diabetes, sleeping disorders, certain cancers, asthma, heart
disease, PMS and chronic pain.

Make sure you get your vitamin D levels checked on a regular basis. It is too important to leave
to chance. Researchers at The University of California have estimated that 250,000 cases of
colon cancer and 350,000 cases of breast cancer could be prevented worldwide by improving
the level of vitamin D. It is also believed that by maximizing your level of D in your body that you
can reduce your risk of stroke and heart attack up to 50%. Vitamin D levels are a big deal!

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