We see all types of patients in our clinics. We focus on helping those with chronic health conditions. We see many kids with ADHD, learning problems, autism, anxiety, depression and post concussion symptoms. We see adults with focus/attention issues, emotional control issues, chronic pain, addiction, insomnia and movement disorders. One very interesting factor that we find in most of the cases of chronic health conditions is poor coordination or clumsiness.

Poor coordination often comes from a cerebellum that is not functioning properly. The cerebellum plays an enormous role in accuracy of movement, balance and coordination. The cerebellum’s location is under the upper brain (the cortex), closer to the back of the skull. Recently, research has found this portion of the brain plays a very important role in learning as well. Part of a neurological exam is determining if a patient can touch their nose, walk a straight line and follow a target with their eyes. These findings, along with others, tell us what part of the cerebellum is not working well.

The exciting news is that the cerebellum is a portion of the brain that can be strengthened or rehabilitated. We strengthen the cerebellum with specific exercises that stimulate the portion of the cerebellum that is weak. This weakness often manifests itself in a higher incidence of running into tables and walls. These children often have more bruises than other kids their age.

One of the best ways to determine cerebellar function is a functional neurological exam. Call us at 770.237.3970 or email us at info@themartinclinic.com for more information.