Gluten is a part of wheat. The wheat most of us grew up with is not the wheat that we have today. It took me many years of denying the research, the symptoms and the people that dealt with health problems due to gluten. Once I understood that the gluten of our country has been changed and hybridized in such a way that it is bad for a significant portion of our population, my health and the health of my patient population improved.

Gluten can be inflammatory to sensitive or reactive people. This chronic inflammation can lead to some very nasty symptoms. Gluten sensitivity has been associated with ADHD symptoms, psychiatric symptoms, neurological and motor problems, hearing loss, cognitive impairment, neuropathy and many other nervous system disorders.

A study published in the European Journal of Inflammation found that this new hybrid wheat “may be the major cause of hidden inflammatory responses to food.” Dr. Datis Kharrazian, a brain researcher and expert, reported the hybridized wheat appears “to play a role not only in the sharp increases of gluten sensitivity and celiac disease, but also in inflammation, degeneration, and even autoimmunity of the brain and nervous system.”

Going gluten free can be hard in the beginning. Many people, including healthcare providers, don’t understand the importance of watching what you put into your body. Proper testing for sensitivity is a must. This allows you to know if there is a true health related reason to give this type of food up. Gluten is used in many products to thicken the substance. It is often found in processed/boxed food and fast-food.

There are many gluten free options these days. Many of the articles in our blog show gluten free recipes. Many of the larger restaurants have gluten free options and even gluten free menus. When I went gluten free, I noticed a positive change in my energy levels and saw a decrease in brain fog. I have seen many positive changes in my patients over the last decade we have tested for gluten sensitivity.

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