ADD or attention deficit disorder is real. Families and individuals all over the country are facing
significant difficulties from this health challenge. The inability to focus or stay on task can
overwhelm a person. In many cases of ADD, the harder the person tries to focus, the worse
they do. It is believes that over 10% or school aged boys have some form of this disorder.

There are different severities of attention deficit disorder. There are very mild cases and very
severe cases. Most cases are in between the very mild and very severe. We now know that
there are seven distinct types of ADD. Each type can look quite different and there can even be
combination type cases. Some can be very hyperactive and some can appear very quite. That
is one of the big reasons this problem is so misunderstood.

You cannot ignore or cannot spank away ADD. Way too many people judge families dealing
with ADD. There are children that misbehave. There is no doubt or argument over that point.
The fact is that real ADD has a neurological or brain based cause. If you spanked your child
into better focus, odds are they didn’t have ADD. Spanking an ADD child almost never works
and often causes more problems. Remember, ADD is a neurobehavioral issue. ADD is not a
bad kid misbehaving.

We can often find the neurological cause of ADD with a brain map. Brain maps are a short,
non-invasive, computerized EEG analysis of brain function. Brain maps take the guess work
out of managing neurobehavioral disorders. Maps also allow us to target the weak or
unbalanced area with a non-drug treatment plan that usually includes neurofeedback, brain
rehab exercises and nutrition.

Call us for more information or to schedule a brain map, contact us at The Martin Clinic at
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programs. We are located in Duluth, Georgia (across from The Infinite Energy Arena). We
have helped people dealing with neurobehavioral disorders, including attention deficit disorder,
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